Shohar Ko Paane Ka Taweez

Shohar Ko Paane Ka Taweez
Amulet to Bring back

Shohar Ko Paane Ka Taweez ,” If your husband, wife, son or daughter has runaway from house and do not want to come back, then write this amulet on a freshly laid egg and recite following 3 times and blow on the egg.

Ya Mowakilat isme taweez bring back flan bint flan

(name of the person bint name of his/her mother)

Then  place this is near fire so that it become warm, take care dont burn it, in shaa Allah within days the person will come back to home.

Shohar Ko Paane Ka Taweez

Ager shohar, biwi, beta ya beti gher sey bhag gaey hon aur wapis na atey han, tu ye amulet ek taza andey per likhen aur 3 bar ye phr ker us andey per phonk mar den,

Ya Mowakilat isme taweez flan bint flan ko wapis lao.

(bhagey hoye ka name bint us ki maa ka naam)

phir is andey ko aag k pass garam jaga per rakh den jahan anda halka garam hojaye, khiyal rakhne anda jaley na. in shaa Allah kuch hi din men bhaga hoa gher wapis ajey ga.

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